Buy Twitter Verified’s New Verification System Has Blue & Gold Checkmarks

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Buy Twitter Verified is launching a modified variation of its verification system, that includes gold checkmarks for services and distinct labels for main accounts.

The new system intends to remedy problems that emerged throughout the initial rollout of Buy Twitter Verified CEO Elon Musk’s Blue Verified program, which allowed anyone to buy a blue checkmark for an eight-dollar month-to-month membership.

Several safeguards remain in place to stop people from abusing the blue checkmark to impersonate other accounts.

In addition to presenting a different colored checkmark for service accounts, there are new requirements users require to satisfy prior to getting a verified badge.

Here’s more about all the modifications to Buy Twitter Verified verification.

Buy Twitter Verified Verified– Blue Checkmark

Screenshot from:, December 2022. Buy Twitter Verified is restoring its Blue Verified subscription program at the original expense of eight dollars monthly if you subscribe through a web internet browser.

Subscribing via Buy Twitter Verified’s iOS app will cost an additional 3 dollars monthly, which Musk says is due to Apple’s commission on in-app purchases.

Buy Twitter Verified is adding an account review step to the sign-up process to combat impersonation.

The review will confirm your account fulfills the following criteria:

  • Total: Your account has a display screen name and profile picture
  • Active: There’s activity on your account within the previous thirty days.
  • Secure: Your account is older than 90 days and has an actual telephone number.
  • Non-Deceptive: There are no recent changes to your profile image, display name, or username.
    • Your account should have no indications of being misleading or misleading.
    • Your account needs to have no signs of participating in platform adjustment and spam.

Accounts will get the blue checkmark once a Buy Twitter Verified team member manually examines your account and sees that it meets the requirements.

In addition to the blue checkmark, Buy Twitter Verified says the following benefits are “coming soon”:

  • Concern positioning in replies, mentions, and search engine result.
  • 50% less advertisements.
  • Publishing longer videos.

Accounts previously confirmed under the tradition requirements will keep their checkmark. Nevertheless, Buy Twitter Verified will not accept new applications to verify accounts under the old requirements.

Buy Twitter Verified Verified– Gold Checkmark

Screenshot from:, December 2022. Buy Twitter Verified now uses gold checkmarks to distinguish between confirmed businesses and verified people. Companies previously validated through Buy Twitter Verified’s old system will immediately have their blue checkmarks transformed to gold. Esther Crawford, Buy Twitter Verified’s item lead, states the business will soon open a process for more

services to obtain gold checkmarks. In the meantime, company accounts are qualified to sign up for the routine Blue Verified program, though they will briefly get a blue checkmark. Buy Twitter Verified Verified– “Official” Labels Along with a blue or gold checkmark, Buy Twitter Verified is applying an “Official”label to the

following kinds of accounts: Federal government accounts

Political organizations(such as celebrations )Business business & business partners Significant brands Media outlets & publishers Other public

  • figures Musk mentioned weeks ago
  • that government accounts would get a grey checkmark to set them apart from individuals and organizations.
  • Nevertheless, that
  • upgrade has yet to present. Source: Buy Twitter Verified