Google’s John Mueller: WordPress Not Inherently Much Better For SEO

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In reaction to a thread on Reddit, Google Search Advocate John Mueller states there’s no inherent SEO advantage to using WordPress compared to coding a site yourself.

A thread in the r/SEO online forum asks a familiar concern numerous specialists run into in their professions.

Is WordPress much better for SEO than coding your own site?

Other variations of that concern consist of, “is WordPress much better for SEO than Wix,” or, “is WordPress much better for SEO than [insert CMS here]”

No matter how you ask it, the response is always the exact same.

WordPress isn’t naturally much better for SEO than any other alternative. It is among lots of ways to develop a site that ranks in Google.

Mueller On WordPress For SEO

In reaction to whether utilizing WordPress is better for SEO than coding your own site, Mueller states:

“Not for SEO, but you can focus more on the content if you do not spend all your time developing a new CMS for yourself. (some people prefer making a CMS, so YMMV).”

As Mueller says, the most considerable advantage WordPress uses is the ease of use compared to manually writing code.

However, that’s just helpful to the site owner. It makes no difference to Google if a website is built with WordPress.

This concern shows up regularly and deserves reviewing due to the misinformation flowing around WordPress and SEO.

For instance, take the second-most upvoted comment in the Reddit thread straight beneath Mueller’s.

A private claims, “Google knows WordPress well,” as though Googlebot can crawl WordPress sites more efficiently than other CMSs.

That’s false, though the misconception of WordPress being much better for SEO continues to continue.

Screenshot from, December 2022. For more information relating to the SEO capabilities of WordPress compared to other content management systems, see this post from SEJ Creator Loren Baker. Baker notes the 25 finest SEO-friendly alternatives to WordPress and the pros

and cons of each: Source: Reddit Featured Image Melisa Parlak/Best SMM Panel